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Tailored Spa/Wellness by project needs – Wellness consulting – Wellness equipment

Our goal and task is to participate and create a Wellness project in cooperation with the investor, architects, designers and contractors. Our long experience in the Spa/Wellness industry guarantees the optimization of the Spa/Wellness Center as a benefit to the hotel’s offer, renters, etc.

The wishes of investors and designers, the given project requirements we respect and strive to meet, at the same time we strive to direct the creation of the project to an integrated, interdisciplinary and holistic approach, including “sustainability” in all segments, following today’s Spa/wellness trends

We emphasize that the creation of the “concept” is the first step towards a successful product, in cooperation with our Spa/wellness team the concept will be created in accordance with the needs of the facility it serves, type and number of potential users, which will result with planned return on investment.

Spa/Wellness equipment is an integral part of our consultancy, all specific Spa/Wellness equipment, swimming pools, custom saunas, experience showers, hydro massage bathtubs, heated water beds, IC lamps, massage beds and more.

Studio Veda more than 17 years of experience in wellness industry


Za sve termine molimo Vas da nas kontaktirate na 099 308 8555  ili  [email protected]


Studio Veda News


–> A short story for current fans and to be fans of the Wellness/Spa industry – By Sandra Skoblar – Croatian wellness consultant

Words that always bring a smile to my face, do people know how powerful they are?

Thanks to “ Studio Apostoli  – wellness creators through architecture ” for publishing the story

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Spa Wellness projects in progress

  • Hotel Monumenti Wellness 5*, Pula
  • Thalassotherapia Wellness centar, Opatija
  • Top Terme Topusko Wellness, Topusko
  • Hotel A’mare Wellness, Zadar
  • Hiža Fink Wellness, Novo Mesto, Slovenia
  • Castle Prestranek Wellness, Predstranek, Slovenia
  • Hotel Terra Negra Wellness 5*, Čepin
  • Hotel International Wellness, Rab
  • Hotel Boškinac 5*,  Pag
  • Hotel Turist Wellness, Varaždin – realized 2022
  • Stari Laz, zelena Spa oaza, Lazzz, Ravna Gora
  • Hotel Jelena Wellness, Plitvice
  • Hotel Villa Magdalena Wellness, Krapinske Toplice
  • Holiday resort Plitvice, mobilni Wellness
  • Riva’s Hotel&Resort Wellness, Ičići
  • Prim Bay Resort, Eforea Spa Hilton, Primošten
  • Češka Vila Wellness 5* “G Spa”, Vis
  • Hotel Slon Wellness 5*, Ljubljana
  • Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Wellness 5*, Split
  • Resort Petram Wellness 5*, Savudrija

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