How we work – Our team

We advise and participate in Spa/Wellness concept creation –  Create a tailor-made Wellness!

We advise and participate in designing Wellness and creating Wellness concept according to the project! We must first say that investors today contact architects-designers and think that they must know how to design Wellness because it is part of the project. Unfortunately we need to say that the creation of Wellness requires specific knowledge and that architects-designers do not need to know that part.

What does it mean,  tailor-made Wellness project:

  • Advice and participation in the project from the very beginning – collaborate with architects/designers/project management to create Wellness that will match the project – concept, position, size, areas, facilities, … (indoor and outdoor)
  • Correct Phase Approach – more in Services
  • Input data analysis
  • Case Study – Business Plan
  • Creating a Concept
  • Zoning
  • Planning and design- 3D view, rendering

Our Team

  • Consultant for Planning – Consultant with many years of experience in creating the concept of Wellness
  • Operational Manager – Wellness Center Manager with long experience in the operations of the Spa Hotel 5 Star Hotel
  • Financial Manager – With years of experience in financial consulting
  • Architect – designer – With long experience in designing Wellness
  • EU Consultant – With many years of experience in EU funds
  • Providers of specific wellness equipment – EU standards and certifications
  • Spa Brand Suppliers